How to Speak from the Heart with Jewelry

All the jewelry you wear and choose tells your story. Whether you’re going for a particular aesthetic and change around your look regularly or if you prefer to choose classic pieces that last over the years, your choice of jewelry says a lot about you.

If you’d like to speak from the heart when gifting jewelry or buying it for yourself, here are some top tips for the best ways to do it when choosing Irish and Celtic jewelry.

My Soul Mate Wedding Rings
My Soul Mate Wedding Rings

Go for an inscription
The Irish language is truly beautiful, especially when it comes to communicating matters of the heart. You can choose an inscription depending on the occasion and build it into the ring.

Mo ghrá thu means “You are My Love,” and this phrase is the most direct Irish translation for “I love you”.

“Mo stór”, translates as “My treasure,” and is often also used to mean “my darling.” These words were used in the much celebrated Irish folk song "A Stór Mo Chroí" (Treasure of My Heart). This romantic air was written by Brian O’Higgins when Irish emigration was at its highest levels and it soon became an emigration anthem.

“Anam Cara” means “soul friend” or “soulmate” and there are some beautiful pieces of jewelry at Rings from Ireland with these words inscribed on them. Made famous in 1997 by the Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donoghue, anam is Gaelic for ‘soul’, and cara is Gaelic for ‘friend’. Anam cara can be used to describe a friendship and a love between family, friends and partners.

Love, Loyalty, Friendship Silver Claddagh Ring
Love, Loyalty, Friendship Silver Claddagh Ring

Choose a Claddagh with added meaning
The famous Claddagh ring is known around the world as a stunning symbol of love. If you are gifting a ring, these are represented in the design of the ring itself - with the heart representing love, the crown signifying loyalty and the hands symbolizing friendship. These symbolic meanings make it easy to understand why the Claddagh is still such a popular and appropriate choice as a present. If you really want to speak from the heart, why not go the extra mile and build in an inscription to the piece.

“Grá, dílseacht, cairdeas” is the Irish translation of the Claddagh’s motto of Love, Loyalty and Friendship.

May Birthstone Claddagh Ring
May Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Go for a Birth Stone
Beautiful birthstones are a beautiful way of telling your own unique story or for gifting to somebody. The Claddagh birthstone jewelry collection features individual stones set into the heart of the Claddagh symbol of friendship, loyalty and love and you can choose the particular stone that represents the month of the birth of the recipient.

From the elegant garnet to emerald, pearl ruby or peridot, a birthstone is a way of showing that you have personalized the gift for the wearer.

Say it from the heart - with Irish and Celtic jewelry!
Posted on August 15, 2022