Looking For An Irish Wedding Gift? Look No Further Than Our Wedding Coin

It can be sometimes difficult to choose an original wedding present. A wedding day is a time to really emphasize the meaning of tradition, love and bonds and the right present will be treasured for a lifetime.

Wedding Coin

A wedding coin was traditionally presented by the groom to his bride. This was said to date back to the time of when the groom paid luck money to the family of his bride. This would bring blessings and happiness to all concerned.  

The other tradition of the wedding coin was that after the wedding, the coin would be kept within the family as a special heirloom. It would eventually be then passed, as a symbolic gesture by the mother to her eldest son on his wedding day and the tradition would go on and on over the years.

Rings from Ireland have a beautifully crafted Celtic silver wedding coin that is suitable to be handed down through the generations. Made from solid sterling silver, it is inscribed on both sides with meaningful messages.

One side of this double-sided wedding coin features a couple with a very special inscription: “Ta lan notai i bport an bhanais”. This translates as “there are a lot of notes in the wedding tune” – a good message for life meaning that there is much to learn from each other in marriage as the years go by.

The other side of the Celtic silver wedding coin has the inscription of “Gra Go Deo” and this has the simple and beautiful meaning of “Love Forever”.  This message is above the evocative symbol of the Claddagh – which means three of the most important words in any marriage – love, loyalty and above all – friendship.
Posted on January 28, 2015