Irish Jewelry – The Myths and the Meaning

The development locally and internationally of Ireland's Ancient East and the Wild Atlantic Way have brought the myths and storytelling of Ireland to the fore again. These myths and meanings are central to our history, our island and our way of being.  

When it comes to the best Irish handcrafted jewelry, there’s always a story behind each piece.

Irish Claddagh Ring

The story of the Claddagh sits at the center when it comes to meanings in Irish jewelry. It’s the most distinctive from the point of view of the look and of the story behind it. The Claddagh ring or Ring of Claddagh originates from the fishing village of Claddagh in Galway. It remains a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty since all the way back to the mid 1600’s. It’s beautiful in terms of its resonance and its meaning. The hand signifies friendship, the heart means love and the crown represents loyalty.  

Celtic Warrior Collection

The treasures of ancient Ireland provide much inspiration for Irish jewelry. The Ardagh Chalice, Ireland’s foremost treasure, was discovered in 1868 by two men digging in a ring fort in Ardagh, County Limerick and turned out to be the finest example of 8th century metalwork ever discovered. It’s also proven to be the inspiration for a popular jewelry collection called the Celtic Warrior Collection – inspired by the filigree band of gold on the Chalice with its shield decorations. Another way that history is incorporated in to Irish jewelry is by referencing the Vikings who had a profound influence on the culture of Ireland, particularly in jewelry and crafts. Viking and Celtic designs are in many ways complementary and have merged quite a bit over the centuries.

Ogham Script

The ancient language of Ogham is one of the most wonderful Irish historical traditions brought to life in Irish jewelry. This ancient script has been reinvented in a modern way in precious pieces. Ogham is a script formed using lines and notches and dates from the 4th century AD. It can be found carved in stones and trees all over Ireland. Its possible to customize rings and necklaces with messages etched in Ogham script as a constant reminder of our ancient Celtic roots.  

Irish Rings

The Irish language of course is one of the places to find a treasure trove of special meaning and incorporate it in to Irish jewelry. Inscriptions can be included in jewelry with Irish phrases such as Anam Cara (the Irish phrase for soul mate); Grá (the Irish word for love) or Grá Go Deo (the Irish phrase for ‘love forever’).

History of Ireland Jewelry

The history of Ireland is a complex, embattled, heroic, symbolic and tenacious one. Do you know that you can incorporate the myths and meanings of the history of Ireland even in to the most delicate pieces of jewelry? The History of Ireland collection includes twelve symbols that tell the story of the island from the Circle of Life, to St. Patrick, Round Towers, the Irish flag, the Battle of the Boyne, the Famine and more.

For myths and meaning, Irish jewelry has layers and layers of fascinating stories.
Posted on April 22, 2021

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