3 Top Irish Gifts for a Family Reunion

The importance of family reunions can never be overestimated. It can be difficult to organize gatherings of the generations in a spontaneous way with busy lifestyles nowadays, coupled with people living in different locations, so taking the time for a family get together will reap rewards that will be treasured for years.

Sharing stories, reintroducing cousins and relations and enjoying great food and drinks in a well-chosen location with the common bond of family in a relaxed atmosphere can lead to experiences and conversations that will never be forgotten.

Planning is the key to a great reunion and if the gathering is being organized to celebrate a big family milestone like a birthday or anniversary, a great Irish gift can often be the highlight of the celebrations. Here are 3 top Irish gifts that will be treasured on any family reunion:

Claddagh – the Center of Celebrations
If there could be a motto for a family reunion, then the Claddagh is certainly one to fit. With its message of love, friendship and loyalty, it is the perfect gift, particularly for anyone of Irish heritage.  

Claddagh Rings
Claddagh Rings

The most popular pieces when it comes to Claddagh jewelry are Claddagh rings, with their beautiful heart at the center to represent love, the crown to represent loyalty and the surrounding hands to focus on friendship. If you’re thinking of a ring for a special celebration, a birthstone can be incorporated in to the central heart or an inscription can be featured inside the ring. From the youngest to the most mature, there is a Claddagh to suit whether in silver or gold and they are a beautiful memory for an event with a classic message that will never date or go out of fashion.

Hail your Heraldry with a Family Coat of Arms  
Every family name has its own unique coat of arms and introducing this as a gift for a family reunion to celebrate a wedding anniversary or a big birthday is a really unique idea. It can be a lovely way for a family to bond and reflect on their shared past.

The Coat of Arms originated back in the 12th century around the time of the Crusades when a knight dressed in armor from head to toe could not be recognized, so a new way to identify him became necessary.  

Coat Of Arms Jewelry
Coat Of Arms Jewelry

The great thing about a coat of arms is that it can be incorporated in to ladies and gents jewelry, whether it is a ring, pendant, cuff links or tie pin. All you have to do is enter the family name and the family coat of arms will be included in to the design. What a perfect way to celebrate a shared name!

An Irish Coin – Passed on as a Family Heirloom
There has long been a tradition in Ireland for a coin to be presented as luck money from the groom to the family of the bride to bestow happiness and blessings upon them.

Rings from Ireland has modernized this idea with a stunning Irish silver token that can be used for a wedding as a gift, but this is also the most perfect gesture and gift for a family reunion and is ideal to be preserved as a family heirloom and then passed on down through the generations.  

Irish Wedding Coin
Irish Wedding Coin

This solid sterling silver token is perfect for a wedding anniversary reunion as it is engraved with ‘Ta lan notai I bport an bhanais’ which translates as ‘there are a lot of notes in the wedding tune’ and on the other side of the coin there is a very fitting description ‘Gra go Deo’ which translates beautifully as ‘Love Forever’.

Celebrate your family reunion – the Irish way!
Posted on February 26, 2019