Brooches are Back – Here’s Why
Minimalism is no more and it’s all about luxury. From the catwalks to jewelry stores, brooches have appeared back and are front and center as a welcome accessory of the moment.
Posted on February 21, 2020
Five Beautiful Irish and Celtic Wedding Rings for 2020
Why choose an Irish or Celtic wedding ring? There is so much choice when it comes to this most important of decisions but opting to add a touch of Irish and Celtic history and craft will guarantee that your ring has an added layer of meaning if you are planning to get married in 2020 and looking for the perfect choice of rings.
Posted on January 21, 2020
Sparkle this Christmas with Beautiful Irish Jewelry
A gift of jewelry always adds a layer of sparkle at Christmas and a stunning new piece is always an instant guaranteed hit. Why not take a look at some handmade Irish jewelry for that extra special gift?
Posted on December 5, 2019
Celtic Jewelry Designs - The Meaning Behind the Symbols
The power of Celtic symbolism never wanes and still holds power just as it did back at the time of the Celts. These symbols have become part of the Irish identity and heritage and some have even become symbols of Ireland itself.
Posted on November 27, 2019
Celtic Earrings – 4 Stunning Ways to Celebrate Heritage
There are some stunning Celtic choices in earrings that truly celebrate Irish heritage in a very meaningful way. It’s an instant way to celebrate the culture and craft of Ireland and to wear and acknowledge Irish and Celtic history on a daily basis.
Posted on October 8, 2019
Ireland’s Rich History of Jewelry Design
Ireland has a rich history of jewelry design going back through the ages, from Celtic masterpieces to engraved pieces of treasure that are famous all over the world. The country has always been synonymous with excellence in design and craft going back over the years.
Posted on October 1, 2019
Claddagh Ring - How to Wear this Irish Symbol of Love in 2019
Worldwide A-list actor Colin Farrell has ensured that Ireland’s Claddagh ring remains firmly on the map in 2019 as he has been seen at red carpet premieres all over the world from Dublin to Japan wearing the classic Irish ring.
Posted on May 15, 2019
3 Top Irish Gifts for a Family Reunion
The importance of family reunions can never be overestimated. It can be difficult to organize gatherings of the generations in a spontaneous way with busy lifestyles nowadays, coupled with people living in different locations, so taking the time for a family get together will reap rewards that will be treasured for years.
Posted on February 26, 2019
2019 - 3 Wedding Trends to Watch
What are the wedding trends to watch in 2019? From the emergence of the strength of simplicity, to a trend for glass, to bright colors making a comeback, here are 3 themes to consider with beautiful rings to match.
Posted on February 13, 2019
Masterpieces of Tradition - Top 5 of Irish Statement Jewelry
Do you want to make a statement with your jewelry this autumn? Any of these masterpieces of tradition will stand out and start a conversation. In addition to looking fantastic, each of them has special resonance and meaning. Here is our top 5 of Irish statement jewelry.
Posted on October 12, 2018
Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby – Why Colored Stones are in Vogue
It’s all about color right now and when it comes to rings and jewelry, colored stones are having a moment. The Pantone color of the year 2018 is ultra-violet while Vogue magazine is predicting ‘strong vibrant palettes’ for the year, especially in summer. While diamonds are forever, it seems that color is most definitely here to stay!
Posted on June 18, 2018
3 Reasons Why Irish Jewelry Shines So Brightly
Why does Irish jewelry stand out? Timeless, with special meaning, the stories emerge in every handcrafted piece from the Claddagh to Celtic collections, from pieces embellished with symbols depicting the History of Ireland – it really shines brightly, year after year, season after season. Here are 3 reasons why...
Posted on March 1, 2018
4 Irish Gifts with a Difference
Are you looking for a special gift for someone with an Irish background or who is interested in Irish traditions?
Posted on December 8, 2017
4 Beautiful Traditional Irish Wedding Gift Ideas
There are so many choices when it comes to good ideas for wedding gifts. If you are short on inspiration, why not think about really adding a touch of meaning to the gift you give and incorporate an Irish or Celtic theme when buying the couple their present. Here are 4 beautiful traditional Irish wedding gift ideas.
Posted on November 10, 2017
Pop the Question - The Irish Way
Are you planning on asking the most important question of your life? Would you like to incorporate Irish heritage and culture in to your engagement proposal? Here’s how to pop that question – the Irish way!
Posted on September 4, 2017
Why the Claddagh Shines in 2017
It’s rare for a symbol to be considered ‘timeless’ but when it comes to the Claddagh – this visual representation of love, loyalty and friendship – is beyond compare.
Posted on July 21, 2017
What’s So Special About Irish & Celtic Jewelry?
What’s so special about Irish and Celtic jewelry? It’s simple. Ireland is a nation of storytellers and each piece of jewelry tells a story. Whether it’s a myth, legend or simply the story of a promise; whether it’s an indication of love or a proud way to display a family crest – it’s all about stories.
Posted on June 23, 2017
Living History - Celebrate Your Family Coat of Arms
If you want your Irish / Celtic heritage to live on, it’s time to think more about your Family Name Coat of Arms. Here are 5 facts about the tradition and history of the Family Coat of Arms.
Posted on May 26, 2017
5 Reasons Jewelry Should Be At the Heart of Every Celebration
All the big occasions in life have jewelry at the center to add that extra sparkle. From the moment a child is born, the christening often features a gift of jewelry for the mum and baby, to birthdays, engagements, weddings and throughout life in the celebration of anniversaries.
Posted on April 21, 2017
Getting Married in 2017? Consider the Claddagh Ring
Are you getting married in 2017? If you’re thinking of an engagement or wedding ring, investing in a timeless Claddagh ring could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider the Claddagh ring.
Posted on March 1, 2017