Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby – Why Colored Stones are in Vogue

It’s all about color right now and when it comes to rings and jewelry, colored stones are having a moment. The Pantone color of the year for 2018 is ultra-violet while Vogue magazine is predicting ‘strong vibrant palettes’ for the year, especially in summer.  While diamonds are forever, it seems that color is most definitely here to stay!

Sapphires – Shining Brightly
The rich, pure, fresh color of the sapphire has an exceptional stand out effect. The gem is believed to protect people from harm and also represent loyalty and trust and wisdom.

It can be worn as a statement piece or also incorporated in to an engagement ring or a Claddagh ring or a pendant. It is also the birthstone of September and is now one of the more rare stones available and much coveted.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Trinity Knot Engagement Ring
This stunning Oval Sapphire and Diamond Trinity Knot engagement ring is one of the most beautiful ways to incorporate color in to your jewelry collection and wear every day. The central sapphire is surrounded by diamonds on both sides of the ring and there is a white gold Trinity knot incorporated in to the design and a solid 14k yellow gold band.

Effervescent Emeralds
The gorgeous green emerald is synonymous with Ireland and it looks really stunning, particularly when placed at the center of a ring. If you’re thinking of getting engaged, an emerald can be an elegant choice and looks equally good when coupled with gold or silver.   

The emerald is also the birthstone of May and the rich green tone is considered to be the symbol of rebirth, fertility and love. These rare gemstones are typically mined in Brazil, Colombia, Afghanistan and Zambia. It’s a great statement piece but has a timeless elegance that will last through the years, so it is a very worthwhile investment.

May Birthstone Claddagh Ring
This elegant May birthstone Claddagh ring uses an Emerald colored cubic zirconia stone as its center as the heart and this is surrounded by the crown for loyalty and the hands for friendship. It’s a very affordable way to incorporate the color green in to a jewelry collection.

Radiate with Ruby
The ruby is the birthstone of July and it is admired by many as the symbol of love and passion. The vivid color really stands out and it is also said to attract good luck and is one of the most highly prized of precious gemstones.

Oval Ruby and Diamond Trinity Knot Engagement Ring
If you want the wow factor, this Oval Rugy and Diamond Trinity Knot Engagement Ring certainly has it. The shape is unusual and really showcases the ruby which contrasts fabulously with the Trinity knot pattern in white gold. The Trinity knot symbolizes eternity – no beginning and no end and this ring is meaningful from start to finish.

From green emeralds to bright blue sapphires and the rich hues of ruby, create a color pop and make a statement by daring to be different this year!
Posted on June 18, 2018